The Downfall of Krewella


Photos by Jeremy Franklin

As a huge Krewella fan, I’ve seen them live on six different occasions, and after every performance I leave wondering if it can get any better. Krewella was the reason I got into the EDM scene, and they are the reason I have such a passion for this genre of music. However, after their performance at Park West on May 14th, I’m sadly shaking my head at what I just witnessed – the downfall of Krewella.

The Chicago duo recently parted ways with their producer and founding member Kris “Rain Man” Trindl, a move that many thought would be the end of Krewella, but the sisters decided to move on and continue what they started back in 2007. Since then, their new songs “Say Goodbye” and “Somewhere to Run” have not been received well by the EDM community, with many doubting the sisters’ longevity. This show may have proven those critics right.

Krewella prides themselves on being able to perform live vocals, which has worked for them in the past, but their new music turning them into an EDM/Rock-infused group has not panned out well. The Krewella that many have come to love is no longer there. They played a lot of their major club anthems like “Alive” and “Legacy” early in the set to try and get people off of their feet, but their attempts fell flat. I witnessed many people leaving 10-15 minutes into their set at a venue that was offering free drinks all night long, with many people shaking their heads disappointed or downright looking bored. The moments where the crowd would get into the act was when the confetti cannons went off or when they played EDM bangers. However, their set was very sloppy, the sisters had very little to no transitions between songs, and their music selection was very questionable to say the least.

Krewella really needs to get back to their roots and stick to what they know: destroying dance floors with their nasty drops and keeping it fast paced. They need to lose the live band and keep it simple; they’re trying too hard to do something new, but it’s not working. If they want to maintain their dominance in the EDM world, they need to take a deep breath and go back to the drawing board. The talent is there, they just need to find a new direction. Change can be a good thing, but from what we’ve been seeing, maybe it isn’t such a good idea.

Jesus Pizano

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