Temper Trap and Coast Modern Rock The Metro

Temper Trap

For most in attendance, they were there to see Temper Trap.  The fans that got there early were treated to a wonderful set by the opening act Coast Modern. Luke Atlas and Coleman Trapp formed the group and it’s still in it’s infancy, but they have definitely got something special. They hail from Los Angeles. Described as an indie pop duo, they had more of an island rock feel to them that the crowd really latched on to. I look forward to see where they go from here.  They have a stage presence that fans were eating up. With songs like “Hollow Life”, “The Way It Was”, “Animals”, and “Guru”, they are on their way to a great future.

By the time Temper Trap arrived onstage the venue was almost at capacity. Fans had been anticipating their return for quite some time since their performance at Lollapalooza in 2014. The set began on a high note with “Thick As Thieves”, from their new album, kicking off the night.  Dougy Mandagi has such beautiful and powerful vocals that captivate the audience during the show from beginning to end. The set flowed seamlessly from upbeat to down tempo songs. The show felt like an emotional story that was being performed with such passion.

Fans sang many of the songs in unison with Mandagi. The reaction from the band was all positive and made for a great set. The true stand outs of the night were “Love Lost”, “Burn”, “Alive”, “Soldier On”, and “Sweet Disposition”.

Both bands hopefully will be back sooner rather than later. I see them both getting larger followings here in Chicago.

Below are the photos from the show.


  1. Thick as Thieves > 2. Love Lost > 3. Trembling Hands > 4. Fall Together > 5. Burn > 6. Rabbit Hole > 7. Tombstone > 8. Ordinary World > 9. Summer’s Almost Gone > 10. Science of Fear > 11. Resurrection > 12. Alive > 13. Drum Song


14. Soldier On > 15. What If I’m Wrong > 16. Sweet Disposition

Brett Bergen

Brett Bergen

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