Taylor Gang’s Berner premieres first episode of Marijuana Mania

Berner Marijuana Mania

 Today, Berner shares his first episode of Marijuana Mania. The debut episode takes you on an exclusive trip to the Cookie Fam’s cannabis farm to talk breeding and then it’s to the 3rd Generation Family farm during harvest season to get an inside look at what it actually takes to create some of the best strains the world has ever smoked. Berner expands on what Marijuana Mania will be and how it offers a look into the culture that no one else can provide;

 “The difference between Marijuana Mania and other marijuana shows is that we have access to people and places that no one else has. I have worked in this business for so long I know what’s really going on. Instead of talking about how much money it’s making and the business of it, we want to talk about the culture and all the innovative people, companies and products really driving it. It’s been a dream to work on something that I’m truly passionate about. I’ve been working firsthand with marijuana since the early 00’s. For the first season my goal is to let everyone know what’s going on in all the different states whether legal, medical, or all the way underground. I can’t wait for the other episodes, I’m having a lot of fun doing this.”

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