St. Lucia inspires Chicago to dance like its the 80’s

St luica

The 80’s inspired synth-pop band, St. Lucia, took the stage of Concord Music Hall on Oct. 22nd, and brought Chicago back to the times of parachute pants, big hair, and neon everything. If I had to summarize the show in one sentence I would call it a blur of dance moves, high fives and sweat. Luckily, I have more than one sentence, and you can have the full experience of the night.

FullSizeRender St. Lucia inspires Chicago to dance like its the 80s

BAIO at Concord Music Hall

Vampire Weekend bass player, Chris Baio’s, solo project, BAIO started the night. He amped up the crowd with songs from his first solo album, The Names, released in 2015. The crowd may not have known Chris Baio’s solo music before the night, but they definitely left Concord with his music in their head.

After BAIO’s amazing and energetic set, the crowd was wild. The anticipation for St. Lucia’s set was dripping off of the fans – well actually, they were dripping with sweat from dancing, but those two are pretty much synonymous, right?

St. Lucia took the stage,  began playing their hit, “Paper Hearts,” and everything stopped. They are one of those special bands where no matter how loud the music is or how rowdy the crowd is, you can’t help but zone in on the band. The energy St. Lucia puts into their live performance is inexplicable, and life altering; listening to their music through a speaker will never be the same again.

The focus on the band was intense, the crowd was awestruck watching them preform, but the crowds movement was incredible too. Even though watching St. Lucia felt like some weird but euphoric tunnel vision episode, there was no stopping the crowd from dancing along.

The band’s 80’s-like sound made the dancing seem much more dramatic. Almost like each member of the crowd was actually on set, shooting this video:

(No wonder everyone was so sweaty, this is quite the workout!). Despite the moisture of the room, the night was flawless. St. Lucia really knows how to put on a show.

St. Lucia and BAIO are still on their tour, so drop everything, go buy a neon aerobics leotard and some leg warmers, and find a St. Lucia show to go to. If you can’t go catch them across the country, I still suggest buying that leotard and blasting their discography. I mean hey, you’ll get a great workout.


  1. Paper Heart
  2. Cold Case
  3. Do You Remember?
  4. Closer Than This
  5. We Got It Wrong
  6. Dancing On Glass
  7. All Eyes on You
  8. Call Me Up
  9. The Winds of Change
  10. Too Close
  11. September
  12. Physical
  13. When the Night


  1. Love Somebody
  2. Home
  3. Elevate