Riff Raff at Concord Music Hall

July 22, 2016
Peach Panther

One of the most oddball, enigmatic, and talked about rappers is coming to Chicago. Riff Raff will be playing at the Concord Music Hall on July 22nd as part of the Peach Panther Tour. The night will also feature performances by Dollabillgates and Trill Sammy and Dice Soho.

Though Riff Raff has been rapping and making mix tapes since 2005, most of the world came to know him thanks to the 2012 film Spring Breakers. The rapper was asked to appear in the movie by director Harmony Korine, but the request was never met. Once James Franco took up the role, many suspected the character was based on Riff Raff. Understandably, the rapper was upset and threatened to sue the creators of the movie, but it seems this hasn’t happened. Moving away from the controversy, Riff Raff released his debut album, Neon Icon, in 2014. The follow up, Peach Panther, dropped earlier this month.

Time: 8:00 pm

Tickets: Get ‘Em

Venue: Concord Music Hall

Check out the music video for Riff Raff’s latest single “Mercedez:”


Ashley Perez

Ashley Perez

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