Review: Bateman’s ‘The Family Fang’ perfectly captures dysfunctional family

The Family Fang

Growing up, brother Baxter (Jason Bateman) and his sister Annie Fang (Nicole Kidman) had a peculiar childhood as avant-garde radical performance artists. Living on opposite sides of the country, they both struggle in their lives because of their successful run as their performers or pawns in their parent’s provocative art pieces.

After the news of their parents Caleb and Camillie Fang (Christopher Walken and Maryann Plunkett) going missing, the siblings are dealing with the thought of their parents actually being in harms way. Unsatisfied with the thought of her parents’ death they both return to their family home in search of their world famous avant-garde parents who have disappeared.

Based on the best selling novel by Kevin Wilson of the same name, The Family Fang is boasted by excellent performances from the star studded cast.

The Family Fang aims to use the Fang family to showcase to the world the importance of “real art” by any means. Using radical methods, the children were used to gain the truest reactions changing the status quo in the most prerogative way.

Set in present time, flashbacks to the Fang family’s works of art feature the surprisingly comfortable success the family received for its over the top antics. When the children left so did the art. Without them the art suffered leaving Walken and Plunkett years to reminisce and plan for an uncertain future.

The Family Fang
Director: Jason Bateman
Rating: R
Release Date: May 6th, 2016

Unsatisfied with the so called death of her parents Kidman doesn’t accept her parents untimely demise but guesses they’re up to yet another art performance. Bateman and Kidman then search for any lasting clues or connections to the past that may give them the whereabouts to their famous problematic eccentric parents.

The Family Fang is a film that stands by itself in the most delightfully twisted way. It turns everything on its head with its shocking story telling and bizarre truth. This funny adaptation is grounded with its genuine portrayal.

Nicole Kidman and Jason Bateman The Family Fang A STARZ Digital Release 1230x820 Review: Batemans The Family Fang perfectly captures dysfunctional family

Nicole Kidman and Jason Bateman The Family Fang – A STARZ Digital Release

The Family Fang is the directorial debut of Jason Bateman, who pulled double duty with his truth telling portrayal of the unmotivated writer Baxter. Bateman’s long film career is noted in his directorial debut as this first-time director has given The Family Fang a respected seasoned look through its excellent story telling and captivating unexpected delivery.

Oscar-winner Walken was the best we’ve seen in years. His crazy over the top wacky art driven portrayal of Caleb gave a haunting and ever interesting performance. Walken’s desire for bizarre works of art seemed believable in his twisted no limit vision of true works of art.


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