On the Radar: Nirvana, Dead Sara, and yes, Green Day

On the radar

On the Radar: This week in music was relatively quiet, until Metallica dropped a bombshell yesterday. While that’s exciting, some other things have been stuck on my mind. More grunge, more Green Day, and some new music. So what’s on my mind this week? Here are the top five things in music I’ve been obsessed with this week.


nirvana 762x434 On the Radar: Nirvana, Dead Sara, and yes, Green Day


Last week, I mentioned I was listening to grunge music and it would only be a matter of time til I reached Nirvana. Well, it happened this week. Though the 25th anniversary of Nevermind is coming up, their third album In Utero has been in my rotation lately. It not only has to do with grunge music in the news. Coming next month are three Nirvana related books.

The first I mentioned last week, Kurt Cobain and Nirvana, which promises to have interesting photos. Also coming in November is a Kurt Cobain graphic novel titled Who Killed Kurt Cobain? Looking at the premise, it sounds oddly similar to the 2004 graphic novel Godspeed: The Kurt Cobain Graphic. Finally, there’s the novel Where Did You Sleep Last Night? written by Lynn Crosbie. It follows a girl who’s in love with Kurt Cobain. She later meets a guy who looks just like Cobain. Has he returned from the dead? Three different styles of books to for fans to check. And expect to see a lot of magazines plastered with Cobain’s face. They’re also looking for an excuse to put him on the cover.

Green Day….still

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Green Day

Yeah, I can’t help it. Being a long time fan I’m more than excited for the band’s upcoming album Revolution Radio. I’m still jamming to their new single “Bang Bang,” so the band will probably be on my mind up until the release of their next album. The single is doing phenomenally well on the charts. The song debuted at number 16 on the Alternative Songs chart. It’s the chart’s highest since Beck’s “Dreams” came in at number 13 last year. “Bang Bang” is the band’s 24th top 20 entry on Alternative Songs. Considering this success, it’s safe to say this will probably be Green Day‘s best year yet.

Dead Sara

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Dead Sara

Dead Sara is one of the most underrated bands in rock music. I fell in love with their brash style, no-fucks-given attitude when I saw them open for Muse back in 2013. The music is harsh, aggressive, and raw. And frontwoman’s Emily Armstrong’s vocals are powerful and raspy, like a young Janis Joplin. Listening to their music, you wouldn’t want to cross Dead Sara on a bad day.

The band released their second album, Pleasure to Meet You, in 2015 and have been playing shows on the West Coast this year. They made a surprise appearance in Chicago last month to play JBTV, where they debuted new songs. While it seems there won’t be any new music this year, the band are reissuing their 2008 debut, The Airport Sessions, on CD. It’s a limited edition release, which can be pre-ordered here. Hopefully, there will be new music from Dead Sara soon. And if you haven’t heard them, you’re seriously missing out.

Goodbye, Double Door?

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Double Door

If you’ve been following local news this summer, then you’ll know the Double Door‘s been in some hot water. Nine months ago landlord, Brian Strauss, filed paperwork to evict the rock venue from 1572 N Milwaukee. Club owners wanted to extend the lease, which expired last October, but a judge ruled last month club management didn’t properly notify Strauss. Since then club owners and Strauss have been in and out of court to reach a solution. Turns out the Double Door will have to move out at the end of the year.

Club owners, which includes Sean Mulroney, will have to pay around $3,000 more per month to stay in the space until the end of the year. So it brings the question what’s going to happen to Double Door? Will they relocate or is this the nail in the coffin? It’s one of the most iconic venues in Chicago and has a rich history since it first opened in 1994. It even played a role in the movie High Fidelity. There’s no question Wicker Park won’t be the same without the Double Door. Let’s just hope it’s not leaving Chicago for good.


3teeth press 2016 billboard 1548 762x434 On the Radar: Nirvana, Dead Sara, and yes, Green Day


Do you miss the days of kick ass industrial music? LA based band 3Teeth are here to answer the call. I didn’t know about this band until the Riot Fest lineup was released. And they are brutal as hell. Think of Ministry mixed with Skinny Puppy and Rammstein. The band, which features Alexis Mincolla (vocals), Xavier Swafford (keyboards), Andrew Means (drums), and Chase Brawner (guitars),dropped their self-titled debut album in 2014. They didn’t gain mainstream notoriety until Tool picked them to be the opening act for their 2016 winter tour.

Since the tour is over, the band are resuming work on their second album, <shutdown.exe>, expected to drop sometime this year. 3Teeth released the music video for their new single, “Atrophy,” this week. 3Teeth shows industrial metal isn’t dead just yet and gives hope to new bands in the genre. Hopefully, there will be more promising acts in the field. For now, I’m gonna blast 3Teeth’s debut all weekend.

Ashley Perez

Ashley Perez

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