On the Radar: Hall and Oates, Green Day on tour, and why buying tickets sucks

John Oates, Darryl Hall

It’s that time of the week to look at what’s been on my mind regarding music. From Green Day’s club tour to Stranger Things, here are the top five things in music I can’t get over this week.

Hall and Oates


I’m oddly obsessed with Hall and Oates. Over the summer, I spent a month listening to every Hall and Oates album and interview I could get my hands on. The only explanation I have for this is they’re awesome. And the rest of the world seems to agree with me. They were inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2014. Now, they just got the ultimate Hollywood seal of approval, a star on the walk of fame. The duo received the honor on September 2nd and both expressed what an honor it is to be recognized among other great figures. Eurythmics co-founder Dave Stewart was also in attendance and spoke about what an influence the two have been on his music.

Hall and Oates are still out touring and playing several sold-out shows. Who else thinks it’s about time for a new Hall and Oates album? I know I’m waiting for it. For now, I’ll keep jamming out to Big Bam Boom, which I went out of my way to buy during my early Hall and Oates kick.

Green Day


It was only a matter of time before Green Day popped up again. Not only have I been looking forward to their new album, Revolution Radio, this week the guys announced an intimate club tour. Dates kick off in two weeks with a September 20 show in St. Louis. US dates run until October 20 with a show in Berkley, CA. What’s even more exciting, Green Day will play Chicago’s Aragon Ballroom on September 21st. Though it’s not the most intimate club in the city, it’s a big change for the band who are used to playing arena shows. Tickets are currently on sale, so get them if you can.

Afterwards, the band will tour Europe. Since they’re only playing a handful of dates, we can only guess they’ll announced a bigger tour sometime soon. They also released the second firey single from their upcoming album titled “Revolution Radio.” I’m guessing this is going to be one of the biggest albums of the year.

Night Riots


I talked about this band a couple weeks ago and I still can’t stop listening to their Howl EP. This week, Night Riots shared some big news with fans: the release of their long awaited debut album. Titled Love Gloom, the album comes out October 21st via Summerian Records. To make things even better, they also released a new song this week titled “Fangs.” Pre-order bundles for Love Gloom are available now.

If you don’t know who Night Riots are you’re seriously missing out. They mix elements of 80s new wave, rock, electronic, and pop for a sound that’s insanely catchy. The music is often upbeat and infectious, while the lyrics range from seductive to melancholy. Their music often gets labeled as “gloom pop,” similar to later era Cure releases. If you’re headed to Riot Fest, make sure to see their set on September 17th.

Stranger Things Soundtrack

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Stranger Things

Like most of America, I’m obsessed with Stranger Things. I was a little late catching on, but I quickly caught up. I found it to be one of the best shows of the last three years. And like so many other fans, I fell in love with the soundtrack. Something about it is strange, intriguing, a little unsettling, and perfectly captures the mood of the show. Luckily, the both volumes of the soundtrack released digitally about a month ago. But the soundtrack will finally see an official vinyl and CD release.

On October 28th the first volume of Michael Stein’s and Kyle Dixon’s soundtrack will be pressed on a double LP. The record also features a gatefold sleeve with album credits and art. And for rabid vinyl collectors, the soundtrack will be available in different colors. So far there’s no release date for the second volume. A four-LP boxset will be coming sometime before Christmas. If you want the CD version, that will be coming on October 14th. Now you can listen to the soundtrack and create  theories regarding season two.

The headache of buying tickets

concerttickets 762x434 On the Radar: Hall and Oates, Green Day on tour, and why buying tickets sucks

Good luck buying tickets to your favorite bands

Since Green Day tickets went on sale today, it makes me think of how hard it’s been for fans to buy tickets. Like many fans this morning, I tried and failed, to get tickets for Green Day. But one quick Google search shows there are plenty of tickets available on sites like StubHub and Vivid Seats for ridiculous prices. I’m talking $150 a piece. I ran into the same problem when getting tickets for The Cure. You log on at 10:00 on the dot, yet the site can’t find tickets. You keep trying and trying and still nothing. Then you find out tickets are gone.

When did this become such a headache? It used to be you woke up early, grabbed your tickets, and that was it. Now, there’s so much planning and anxiety to it. Do I use the app or website? Should I call? Will all the tickets be scooped up by scalpers who are in bed with Ticketmaster?Not only are scalpers to blame, but the dreaded pre-sale. This can be a gift and a curse. Getting your tickets early? Who wouldn’t want that? But you can run into the same problems: tickets selling out in seconds or constantly refreshing for a pair to pop up.

And let’s not get started on fan club pre-sales. Pay money to get pre-sale codes that don’t even guarantee tickets. Green Day is especially guilty of this. I love the band, but gosh does Idiot Nation suck. Pay 20 bucks to get pre-sale codes and little else. The state of buying tickets is making it harder for fans to see their favorite bands. They either have to pay triple or not go at all. My last two ticket buying experiences have been huge hassles. And frankly, it makes me want to stick with smaller shows from now on. Some bands are trying to do their part to prevent scalpers, but it’s clearly not enough. It seems like this problem is only going to get worse before it gets better.

Ashley Perez

Ashley Perez

Ashley Perez is a freelance music journalist based in Chicago. Her work has appeared on Examiner, The Crypt 1331, Chicago Innerview, Kitty Whipp, and Reality-Comics. She also runs her own music blog at Radio Not Found. Some of her favorite bands include Nirvana, The Cure, Muse, Marilyn Manson, and Green Day.

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