On the Radar: AFI, Kurt Cobain’s death, Nine Inch Nails, + more

On The Radar: AFI

With so much going on in music this week, what caught my attention? I couldn’t get insane Cobain theories, AFI, and Marilyn Manson off the brain this week. Find out why on the latest installment of On the Radar.

Kurt Cobain’s alive?! Not really


So here’s a weird story. Consequence of Sound reported on a new theory circulating the internet thanks to the Daily Mail. Apparently, the late Kurt Cobain isn’t dead; he’s actually living in Peru. Want proof? Just check out singer performing “Come As You Are” on a Peruvian talent show in 2012. This is apparently Cobain under a new identity. Though the singer may sound like Cobain for about two seconds, he looks nothing like him. Plus, he’s playing guitar with his right hand. So who is this singer? His name is Ramiro Saavedra and he’s a Cobain impersonator who won the Peruvian talent show in 2012.

But this didn’t stop dedicated fans from fueling the rumors. It got so out of control former Nirvana members commented on the theory denying the rumors in the most cynical way possible. I get it. We all miss Cobain and still wish he were around. But he’s not this Peruvian singer. He’s a talented musician we lost years ago. Unlike Tupac, who’s obviously living in Cuba.

Blaqk Audio/AFI

 On the Radar: AFI, Kurt Cobains death, Nine Inch Nails, + more


Ever since Blaqk Audio released their long awaited third album, Material, in May, I’ve been listening to it non-stop. Though it follows the similar electro-dance pop format of their other albums, this one proved to be more engaging than their last effort Bright Black Heaven. Since the duo features AFI members Davey Havok and Jade Puget, I started wondering what’s going on with the band. Well, it looks like new music is on the way.

AFINewsHQ received a report from San Francisco radio station 91X, that Havok popped by and played five new AFI songs. Does this mean a new album’s on the way? We can only hope so. The band’s last record was 2013’s Burials. It’s about time we’ve heard from them again. And for what it’s worth, in 2012 Blaqk Audio released their second album. It seems the two projects have close recording schedules. Cross your fingers for more AFI news.

Depeche Mode


I’m a huge Depeche Mode fan. Their iconic album Violator is in my top ten favorite albums of all time. So when they started posting mysterious images on their Twitter with the captain “Coming soon” I got excited. Like many others, I instantly suspected it was a new album announcement. The band’s latest record, Delta Machine, came out in 2013. It’s about time for some new music from them. This week, the band revealed what they were teasing and it’s not new music.

Instead, it’s a new complete video collection titled Video Singles Collection, out November 11. The three-disc set collects all the band’s music videos along with some rarely seen alternate takes. There’s also over two hours of commentary from the band. All the music videos are restored and remastered. This will be Depeche Mode’s most comprehensive video collection yet, so it’s a must have for fans. It’s not as exciting as a new album, but at least the band is still active. Hopefully, we’ll hear about new music soon.

Marilyn Manson


Back in July, Marilyn Manson announced his next album, Say10, at the Alternative Press Music Awards. This week he spoke a little more about the album to Rolling Stone. He didn’t reveal much, except that the Gothic undertones he explored on The Pale Emperor, will make a return. He also said those around him commented that the new music reminds them of Antichrist Superstar and Mechanical Animals. Not much else is know about the album. Manson previously said the new album drops Valentine’s Day 2017.

Though Manson’s career started off strong with lots of controversy and scared parents, he seemed to peaked and head downward around 2007. Albums like Eat Me, Drink Me and High End of Low weren’t horrible, but they saw Manson trying to pull off the same tricks he did years ago. It was like he was trying too hard to remain rock music’s supervillain; people clearly moved on. Even I started to lose faith in Manson. He won me back with 2012’s underrated Born Villain. With The Pale Emperor, he’s finally seemed to find a new voice that works well with where he is now. So hopefully, the new album is another Manson hit. He should probably tone down his drinking, though.

Nine Inch Nails

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Trent Reznor

Nine Inch Nails have been popping up in my rotation lately. The violent sounds of Trent Reznor screaming on “Big Man with a Big Gun” and “March of the Pigs” keep me great company on my crowded morning commutes. It’s only a matter of time before I start playing Pretty Hate Machine, my favorite NIN album, on repeat. Sadly, we haven’t heard new music from NIN since 2013’s excellent Hesitation Marks.

Reznor’s name has been flying around lately. First, there was rumor of a new NIN single in the works. During the summer, a Reddit user leaked an image that was supposedly taken from Kobalt Music Group’s internal database. The photo showed the name of an upcoming NIN single. But Reznor crushed any hope fans had by simply stating “Not true” on Twitter.

Reznor’s working on a new project and again it has nothing to do with NIN. This time, Reznor is scoring Leonardo DiCaprio’s Before the Flood documentary. Working with Reznor are Atticus Ross, Gustavo Santaolalla, and Mogwai. An album version of the score comes out some time in October. Ross and Reznor previously worked together on the successful The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Social Network scores. It’s clear Reznor’s been keeping himself busy, just not with anything related to NIN. Hopefully, this changes soon; it’s about time for some new music.

Ashley Perez

Ashley Perez

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