Ra Ra Riot Keeps Chicago Lit with New Album “Need Your Light”

Ra Ra Riot band

Ra Ra Riot spent two lovely nights in Chicago this week putting on an unbelievable show for their dedicated fans. On tour in support for their album “Need Your Light,” the band stopped at Lincoln Hall. The show was packed for those two days, and many fans attended for both of the nights.

The show started out with amazing sets from And The Kids and PWR BTTMS. The stage had been set for Ra Ra Riot, and as soon as they took the stage, the crowd went wild. The band played twenty amazing songs for the crowd, and they sang along with every one of them.

The band has an undeniable connection on stage. Although every one of the band members can rock individually, each of their sounds combines perfectly together into an upbeat sound that is impossible to resist.

Ra Ra Riot’s new album, “Need Your Light,” is just as alluring. It found a perfect balance between the synth sound of the band and their orchestra sound. Ra Ra Riot has found a harmony between the two contrasting sounds, and the product is incredible.

Listen to Ra Ra Riot’s latest album, “Need Your Light” and be sure to catch them on tour next time around!


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