PWR BTTM Steals the Stage and Our Hearts at Lincoln Hall

PWR BTTM stole the stage of Lincoln Hall this week, while opening up for Ra Ra Riot. PWR BTTM is made up of Liv Bruce and Ben Hopkins. The duo started off the show by announcing to the audience that their shows are safe spaces. “Just don’t be an asshole, it’s not hard” Hopkins stated.

The music of PWR BTTM deals with social constructs and struggles. Although they discuss serious topics, being at their shows feels like they’re at a comedy club. Both of the bandmates are hilarious, and are very open and personal with the crowd.

A PWR BTTM show is like nothing you’ve ever seen before, but it is guaranteed to make you smile. The atmosphere of the show is impossible to put to words, so check out the pictures from the show.

Once you listen to their music, you’ll fall in love with them, and you’ll make sure to never miss a PWR BTTMS show again.

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