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Chicago’s hip hop scene has evolved significantly since Probcause first came on the hip hop scene in 2002. Probcause released Drifters Aug 28 via Gramatik’s Lowtemp label. Recently I had the chance and sit down with the Chicago native right before his set at Reaction NYE. We discussed details surrounding his work, his life, and his music.

You released an album a few month ago called Drifters with tracks produced by Griz, Gramatik, The Geek and many more. How did the collaborations come to be?

I started playing like festivals last summers and it was my first time playing festivals I started running into these DJ’s and getting introduce to them by mutual friends. There wasn’t really any rapper in their lane so they were saying I’ve been dying to work with a rapper. So we just vibe out at shows and they ended up sending me tracks that we both liked. Especially Gramatik who keep sending me tracks back to back.

In the new album you are further bridging the gap between rap and the funky side of electronic music and also bringing in some local Chicago artist. How do you feel about that?

I’m super involved in the Chicago music scene not just like the top tier artist like Chance the Rapper and Vic Mensa, but like the cats who are coming up. I feel like a have a good ear about who is going to pop. I reach out to them and bring them to the studio and these cats know who I am so they are down. They don’t even know that they are on a Griz track and they say they never heard anything like this before. So it’s super organic to have them in the studio working on a track produced by Griz. I really like having a local artist who doesn’t know about that world and uniting them.

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Reaction NYE Day One. Probcause. Photo: Jesse Pizano

One of your most popular tracks is LSD featuring a verse from Chance the Rapper. Are we going to be hearing a new track from you both in the near future?

Not at the moment I’m just letting him due his own thing. Every time we hang it’s more about chilling with him than music. He is going to have to ask me for the new track.

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Reaction NYE Day One. Probcause. Photo: Jesse Pizano

Most people don’t know but Ill-esha was one of the first artist to give you a chance on the track “Let Me See”. How did you feel when you were giving that chance?

I love that girl to death she was the first electronic female to put me on a track and I have mad love for her. We started working on a EP and we both got so busy in our own worlds that it never worked out. Every time I’m in Colorado I drink with her and hang. I’m sure in the near future we are going to work on something.

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Reaction NYE Day One. Probcause. Photo: Jesse Pizano

Back in September you mentioned that you were working on a new album with Gramatik. How is the album coming along and what can we expect?

We have 3 unreleased songs as of now. I think 2 tracks on his Epigram album and he will release them whenever he is ready to release that album. Me and him are always working on something we are going to be doing a video for “Back to the Future” so that will be dope. We are going to be working on a Probmatik ep in the near future and release it at some point.

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Probcause at Reaction NYE 2015. Photo: Jesse Pizano

With 2015 coming to an end what’s your New Year’s Resolution?

My new year’s resolution is to have an animated cartoon on Adult Swim. It will be more like a variety cartoon like little snippets of crazy things. Like Eric Andre but all animated. Also to quit smoking cigarettes.

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