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There’s only a month before Coachella hits Indio, CA, but before you start planning out which bands to check out there are some other things you should prepare for. Don’t know what they are? We’re here to help you complete your Coachella checklist.

Start to look for your tickets in the mail. Coachella announced tickets started shipping last week with C1 going first followed by C2. If you don’t get yours soon, don’t panic. It’ll take a few weeks for everyone to get their tickets. If you have anymore questions regarding shipping, find the answers here.

If you want to get into the festival without any hassle make sure your wristband is activated well before the event. Everyone going to the festival will have to make a accounts and activate the wristband they’ll be wearing. Find out more about activation here.

Didn’t get your tickets yet? You haven’t missed out yet. 3-day festival passes, both GA and VIP, for either weekend are still available. Both include a four course dinner in Rose Garden. So if you want to get some grub, make sure to pick up these passes before they all disappear.

VR is really hot right and Coachella is getting in on the action. Right now you can download the Coachella VR app and try out the VR viewer in the Welcome Box. For a teaser video featuring the VR content, check out this clip. And speaking of apps, make sure to download the Coachella app where you can activate your wristbands, make your coachooser, and get constant updates about the festival.

Don’t fret about eating up your data. There will be free WIFI access in concession areas that are marked on the festival map and the mobile app. And if you’re gonna be on your phone for most of the time, be sure to bring your own charger. Both standard A/C 2 prong plugs and USB plugs will be available in various locations among the festival grounds.

Have you heard about the partnership between Global Inheritance and Coachella? The two are providing various ways to score goods, like tickets upgrades, free ferris wheel rides, or even just a bottle of cold water. All you have to do is visit the refill stations with a Coachella refillable water bottle that can be purchased with recyclables. In exchange for 10 empty bottles, you’ll get a cold bottle of water. Visit the Global Inheritance area on the Terrace and cash in at the TRASHed Recycling Store.

Now, you should be ready for Coachella 2016! The festival takes place April 15-17 and April 22-24.

In the meantime, check out this Coachella 2015 recap:

Ashley Perez

Ashley Perez

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