Jessie Ware

Jessie Ware

Returning stateside for her third tour in the US, Jessie Ware, English pop-soul songstress, answers some questions about songwriting, being a newlywed, and how she misses her puppy more than her husband. Check out the details for her April 6th show at Metro Chicago.

Has your degree in English literature helped you write songs, or is writing for music a completely thought different process?

I think it is a different thought process, however, being able to have been introduced to so much literature I think perhaps has helped with inspiration and approaching a song or themes.

In an interview with Pitchfork last year, you shared that you were a little worried about singing “Tough Love” live because it requires you to sing a little higher than you normally do. Now that you have half a tour under your belt, how are you feeling about singing that track?

I think I have a mental block with that tune – I can sing the notes but fear sets sometimes. I hadn’t been singing it for ages in the high register and then I was singing to a sold out headlining show at Academy Brixton and out of nowhere I sung it and I think the band was surprised. Mind over matter!!

You’ve toured a few times in the US now – have you seen an increase in the number of fans who come out to see you perform?

Yep, these are the biggest venues in this upcoming tour I have ever done. I’ve played in Chicago so many times and always have such a wonderful time there. From Lincoln Hall to now Metro. I feel very lucky to be able to play in these cities and remember people who return and meet new fans.

Word is spreading!

Congratulations on your recent nuptials! What is it like to be a newlywed on the road?

It’s actually absolutely fine. But what is going to be hard is leaving my new puppy for this run. He’s a Frenchie and he’s nine weeks old and adorable. I’ll miss him more than the husband.

Jess will be in town on April 6th at Metro Chicago .

Check out Jessie’s hit single “Tough Love” from her most recent album:

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