Parquet Courts Transcends Genre to Rock Metro

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The band that transcends genre, Parquet Courts, preformed to an interesting crowd at Metro this week. The band is known for having a mellow side, but they also rock out with fast-paced punk songs. Because of this, Parquet Courts can be categorized into many genres, from post-punk revival to indie rock.

Parquet Courts has a wide variety of fans, all of which came running to Metro to see the band. The venue was filled with indie kids, alternative couples, and punk rockers; never before has Metro been so diverse and so united. Every type of fan was linked in their love of Parquet Courts.

Parquet Courts kicked things off with “Sunbathing Animal,” to appease the punk fans. They quickly transitioned into indie rock songs like “I Was Just Here,” constantly changing between mellow and heavy rock.  The setlist was filled with songs from the new album, “Human Performance,” which came out earlier this month. Older favorites, like “Dear Ramona,” highlighted the show.

No matter the song, the crowd rocked out, and quickly transformed into an insane mosh pit. The high level of crowd engagement was not unexpected. Parquet Courts shows are known for their high energy from the fans, and the band members as well, making it a one of a kind, must see show.

IMG 1982 Parquet Courts Transcends Genre to Rock Metro

Andrew Savage of Parquet Courts

The band closed the show on a chill note, with “One Man No City.” The show had a unique mix of fans, music, and energy. No matter how different the fans are, they all agree on one thing: Parquet Courts rocks. That is unanimous.

A Parquet Courts show is a show you can’t miss, and they have something for everyone. Check out Parquet Courts new album “Human Performance,”  and don’t forget to catch them next time they’re in Chicago.


  1. Sunbathing Animal
  2. Dust
  3. Paraphrased
  4. I Was Just Here
  5. Berlin Got Blurry
  6. Bodies
  7. Black & White
  8. Vienna 2
  9. Uncast Shadow
  10. Master Of My Craft
  11. Borrowed Time
  12. Dear Ramona
  13. Dead Cops
  14. Pathos Praries
  15. Outside
  16. Light Up Gold
  17. Content Nausea
  18. Psycho Structures
  19. Steady On My Mind
  20. Captive Sun
  21. Human Performance
  22. One Man No City
IMG 1973 Parquet Courts Transcends Genre to Rock Metro

Sean Yeaton of Parquet Courts

Check out our shots of the show:

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