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With North Coast Music Festival 2014 beginning tomorrow, we’ll be providing all types of coverage from the Chicago festival’s fifth anniversary.  Jesse Pizano (Three Card Photography) talks with Keys n Krates about their amazing year they’ve been having, what to expect from their live set this weekend, and what’s on the group’s plate following North Coast Music Festival 2014!

keys n krates by lance skundrich North Coast: Keys n Krates

You guys are about to hit the stage at North Coast Music Festival. How are you guys feeling?

Matisse: Great! Chicago is one of our favourite places to play and North Coast is such a great festival.

How has the year been treating you guys so far?

Flo: Pretty incredible. We’ve really seen our fan base grow exponentially over the last six months and it’s been pretty surreal to be honest.

For those that have never heard of Keys N Krates, can you describe your sound?

Tune: Weird rap beats that evoke emotion but still make ya wanna have a dance party. Lots of emotional chord progressions, pitched up vocal samples, synths, weird chopped up samples and bangin rap drums.

What track off of your new EP, Every Nite, took the longest to make?

Tune: “Understand Why” took a long time. We did three to four different actual versions of the tune with at least five mix downs per version. It was a nightmare, but we are stoked on the final version we came up with.

You guys recently collaborated with Grandtheft on “Keep it 100.” What was it like working with him?

Tune: It was amazing. He’s such an amazing producer and we’ve learned a lot from working with him. It got a bit difficult at points just because it’s hard enough for the 3 or us to agree on anything, so when you throw another strong opinion into the mix I think you can imagine how complicated it can get. However, I think we all learned a lot and we are really happy with the track.

Is there anyone in particular you would like to collaborate with?

Flo: We’d love to make a track with Just Blaze. He’s our bud, and has such a great vibe about him, but he’s also a god of the producer world.

Your tour starts on September 18th. What are your expectations for this tour, and which venue are you most excited to play?

Matisse: Absolutely everywhere! We love playing big cities but we also love playing small towns! We love playing intimate shows just as much as big festival stages! We just want kids to come out and have an experience with us. If we can do that we are all happy!

keys n krates1 North Coast: Keys n Krates

What can you tell us about your live shows?

It’s basically a 3 piece band (drummer, keys, DJ) playing bassy weird rap beats, mixing in crazy samples and references, all live off the floor. You’ll hear our original music all mashed together with live renditions and flips of other people’s music. It’s a party, and it’s a show.

You guys have played some of the best events. What’s the best event you guys have played?

Tune: Lollapalooza was pretty insane. Electric Forest, Sonar, and some of the mad decent block parties have been up there as well.

Lastly what can we expect from you guys in the coming months?

Matisse: You can expect our new EP, Every Nite, which really builds on the emotional and weird rap beat sound that we started with on our first EP,  SoLow. You can also expect a massive 45+ date North American date tour that kicks off in September and pretty much stretches until December.

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