Mothxr steals the hearts of fans at Thalia Hall

Mothxr Plays Thalia Hall

Mothxr, a four-piece indie band from Brooklyn, stopped in Chicago this week to steal our hearts. The band’s debut album Centerfold came out earlier this year, and the band has been gaining momentum ever since.

The band’s 80’s inspired indie sound is incredible and the same goes for their band members. Mothxr’s sound is dark yet energetic, and the band members reflect that mood perfectly. They have an energy that is simultaneously mellow and exhilarating.

image1 Mothxr steals the hearts of fans at Thalia Hall

Mothxr plays Thalia Hall

Thalia Hall was packed with fans, waiting to feel the cool vibes and the equally cool music. Frontman Penn Badgley’s passion flooded the room, and the crowd’s passion mirrored his. The venue was filled with love and adoration for Mothxr.

Mothxr’s music embodies the feeling you get after an amazing date.  It is seductive and giddy, it is relaxing and dancey. It is the music you listen to in the shower after a long day, when you are dancing and jamming out, and washing away the day’s troubles.

The band put a lustful glow on Chicago’s face, and they will do that for you as well. Listen to Mothxr’s debut album Centerfold here, and never miss another one of their shows chance to fall in love with them.  

image2 1 Mothxr steals the hearts of fans at Thalia Hall

Mothxr’s frontman, Penn Badgley, at Thalia Hall

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