Moon Taxi fans danced all night at Thalia Hall

Moon Taxi. Photo: Chicago Music, Brett Bergen.

Photos by: Brett Bergen

On a cold November night, fans were welcomed to a memorable evening at Thalia Hall with great music by Modern Vices and Moon Taxi. Modern Vices being a local band, brought a bluesy progressive sound to the stage.  They are a well polished act that knows how to fire up a crowd performing songs from their self entitled album. Alex Rebek on vocals has such a unique and distinct voice.  His style and mannerisms are mesmerizing throughout the entire show. The rest of the band includes Peter Scoville and Thomas Peters on guitar, Miles Kalchick on bass, and Patrick Hennessey on drums. With songs like “Taller In The Sunshine”, “You’re So Special”, “Smoke Rings”, and “Cheap Style”, these guys will be making their name on a national level soon enough.

Moon Taxi began the night with “All Day And All Night” from their most recent album Daybreaker, an upbeat song that set the tone for their entire show.  Moon Taxi brings an air of positivity and love to each and every song.  While shooting the show, I had the constant urge to dance along with the rest of the crowd.  Trevor Terndrup, the lead singer, fires up the crowd every chance he can since they thrive on the energy of the crowd. Tyler Ritter, the drummer, is positioned on the right side of the stage, but plays like he is the main focus.  Even during the completion of the main set, he put on a spectacular drum solo that had the crowd begging for more. Rounding out the rest of the group is Spencer Thomson on guitar, Tommy Putnam on bass, and Wes Bailey on keyboards. The quintet compliments each other so well that you can tell the transitions throughout each of the songs sound so seamless. They have a fantastic stage presence with their jam-rock sound. The rest of the evening’s set included hits like: “Cabaret,” “Mercury,” “Morocco,” and “Beaches.” It’s undeniable that these guys are on the fast track to stardom with their continuous adage to prominent music festivals throughout the country.

Brett Bergen

Brett Bergen

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