Milky Chance and X Ambassadors Got the Aragon Moving

Milky Chance performing at Aragon Ballroom

Photos by Jesse Pizano.

On Friday, July 24th, Milky Chance and X Ambassadors rolled into Aragon Ballroom. New York-based X Ambassadors, who released their album VHS last month, opened up to a sold out crowd. Frontman Sam Harris has that “X factor” that’s so difficult to describe – he has a great voice and a stage presence to match. They began with “Down with Me,” followed by “Free & Lonely;” at one point during the song, Harris brought out a saxophone and played a very impressive solo. Some of the other songs they played were mediocre, causing the crowd to lose interest. The next song they played was “Renegades,” which  is familiar for those that have seen the latest Jeep commercial. The song was a crowd favorite and brought everyone back to life. Finally, they closed out their set with “Jungle,” which showed that Harris is clearly born to perform and the band can own any crowd. I’m excited to see what this band can accomplish in the next few years.

German folk-duo Milky Chance closed the night out. Their electronic influence on an indie folk/pop style mesmerized the crowd. They clearly seemed to be enjoying their first US tour and seemed happy with the crowd as the audience sang and danced along to most of their songs. They played songs like “Fairytale,” “Sadnecessary,” “Given,” “Loveland,” and even a new song, “Becoming.”  They ended the night with two crowd pleasers, one being “Flashed Junked Mind,” and the other being “Stolen Dance,” the song that was introduced quietly on YouTube that has quickly reached 130 million views and a lot of air time in the US. Milky Chance put on a great show with a soulful and danceable sound that left the crown wanting more. I’m looking forward to their next show!

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