Mild High Club Achieves the Perfect Amount of Chill at SubT

Mild High Club

Your favorite psych-funk Chicago locals, Mild High Club, came home this week and played an amazing show for all of their fans at SubT, in support of their latest album Timeline. Before the show, Alex Brettin, Mild High Club frontman, told Chicago Music staff, “I hope someone shows up. I hope at least our friends show up.” Not only did the friends show, but also hundreds of fans. The venue was packed with fans and Alex Brettin lovers.

Before the show, Brettin also talked about the perfect amount of chill, how chilling with your body is cool but you can’t chill with your mind. He and his fans achieved “the perfect amount of chill” during the show. Everyone in the crowd was vibing and feeling the music, bobbing their heads along with the tune. Although they were mellowed out, you could practically see the wheels turning in each of their heads. There’s something to be said about a performance that simultaneously makes you think and hypnotizes you. Watching Mild High Club was fascinating.

IMG 2541 Mild High Club Achieves the Perfect Amount of Chill at SubT

Mild High Club at Subterranean. Photo: Rylie Terrion

Brettin lightly bounced around the stage, closing his eyes to feel the music. The only adjective that really explains the night is chill. Mild High Club read the room, and played to it perfectly. Everyone was seemingly united in music, nodding their heads in unison.

Whether you had been drinking in the alley before the show, or you were stone cold sober, there was a surreal, out of body element while watching Mild High Club preform. You couldn’t help but close your eyes, roll your head back, and smile; to really feel the music with Alex. Subterranean is not a flashy venue, but Mild High Club captured everyone’s attention and captivated the room.

Going to a Mild High Club show is more than seeing a concert. It is more like an experience, it is peaceful, genuine, and thought provoking. It teaches you how to achieve “the perfect amount of chill.” Listen to Timeline for a glimpse into this level of chill, and stay tuned for our interview with Alex.

Check out some shots from the show: 


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