Mick Jenkins returns with “Sunkissed”

Mick Jenkins Sunkissed

After three months of silence, Chicago rapper Mick Jenkins has finally returned with the new track “Sunkissed.” Mick Jenkins is a solo rapper as well as a member of the hip hop group Free Nation. Jenkins is also the artist behind the mixtapes The Mickstape, The Pursuit of HappyNess: the story of Mickalascage, Trees and Truths and The Water[s] as well as the EP Wave[s]. While Jenkins is a very active and productive solo artist, the new song was his first release in a while.

Montreal native and producer Da-P made the relaxed beat for the new track. Sunkissed offers Jenkins’ usual heady musings. The new song also features fellow Chi-town artist theMIND. With “Sunkissed,” Jenkins tackles important topics like cultural appropriation and police brutality. And, of course, he’s still talking about water. In his new song, Jenkins also examines cultural contributions from African Americans as well as, in particular, his own work. As he raps, Jenkins asks questions about cultural autonomy. “At the forefront of culture/How you tryna drive it backseat?” Mick Jenkins would like to know.

Additionally, Jenkins may be using “Sunkissed” to hint at some coming attractions for his fans. According to an Instagram post from two months ago, Jenkins has already completed his upcoming debut album [T]he [H]ealing [C]omponent. It is quite possible that “Sunkissed” may be the first of many new songs from Mick Jenkins this summer. Of course, he might just drop the album later, but who’s complaining now that he’s back to releasing tracks? Stay tuned for more; whether [T]he [H]ealing [C]omponent drops this summer or not, it should be one hell of an album. Also, feel free to check out Mick Jenkins’ fresh new track “Sunkissed” on SoundCloud.

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