Martin $ky had Reggie’s on tilt

Martin $ky. Photo: Chicago Music, Doug Roberts

Photos by: Doug Roberts

Black Friday at Reggie’s was on tilt with Martin Sky headlining the show hosted by Hustle Simmons. Performances from Mike Melione, Tre Capital, and Logan each getting girls to scream for them, and created mosh pits in the middle for the concert floor. Melione, who kicked off the show, got the audience wet, literally, as during his set he took his drinking water and doused the crowd as they moved back to avoid it. Logan and Capital got the crowd rocking during their sets and kept the vibes in the atmosphere as they got the audience to wave their hands and sing along to their tracks.

The evening was more than just music and drinks, but quickly becoming a comedy show as one fan who called himself “Slim Shady” was invited onto the stage to dance during an intermission set by DJ Ozone. In the mix of his drunken tirade, he grabs the mic and continues to scream “NWA… Straight Outta Compton,” before attempting to stage dive in a crowd who quickly moved out of the way.

Crowd member Slim Shady attempts to crowd surf into the audience.

After the laughs, the music continues to bring down the roof as Martin $ky performed songs from his albums and sneak peeks of his latest instrumental record 3milli EP, which can now be streamed on soundcloud.

His performance, in addition to the openers, created a feel good atmosphere where everyone came together and had a good time, despite recent current events. “I know there is a lot happening in the world, but we not going to get into all that we came out to have a good time,” said $ky as he prompted everyone to through their middle fingers in the air as a symbol to stop the nonsense.

$ky’s music features sensible lyrics that shows his personality on and off the stage, a laid back attitude, and just like everyone in the building, his love for Chicago is leaked through tracks. For more on $ky and to listen to his new EP, follow him on soundcloud.


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