Live Stream: Chicago’s own DJ Earn Money

DJ Earn Money

Chicago Music and Swank PR have teamed up to bring the Live DJ Experience. We have selected some of todays notable DJ’s from our home Chicago as well as DJ’s that stop through our beautiful city. Tune into the Live DJ Experience every Friday at 1pm at


DJ Earn Money is an up and coming International DJ who is breaking musical ground. He’s taking music lovers to the next level with his new genre, which is titled “Future Sound.” This creative yet versatile DJ has been granted the opportunity to work with a number of highly popular acts. He has done several successful collaborations with many mainstream artists. The list includes Wiz Khalifa, Wu-Tang Clan, Pusha T, Chance The Rapper, Probcause and many others.

Born and raised on the Southside of Chicago, DJ Earn Money grew up around a lot of different kinds of music. With his natural ear for quality sound, this led to his eclectic taste in music. DJ Earn Money took an interest in DJing at an early age. Consequently, every sound he came across became fodder for his developing artistic sense. And his varied musical taste led him to create an equally varied body of work. Gaining musical influences from Q-Tip, Pharrell Williams and DJ Jazzy Jeff, among others, he has studied their craft but added his own diverse flair. DJ Earn Money blends anything and everything from Classic Rock to Hip-Hop to Future Bass and EDM. And he does all this while rocking a crowd.

With his wide range of music, DJ Earn Money is a promising star. He’ll break musical grounds internationally while expanding his genre that he categorizes as “Future Sound.”