The Live DJ Experience: Will Galvan

The Live DJ Experience: Will Galvan

Chicago Music and Swank PR have teamed up to create The Live DJ Experience. Together, we have selected some of today’s most notable DJ’s from our hometown of Chicago as well as a number of DJ’s that stop through our beautiful city. Tune into The Live DJ Experience to hear DJ Will Galvan. He’ll be with us here on Friday, 9/16!

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Posted by Kevin Baker on Friday, September 16, 2016

The local DJ scene captivated Chicago native Will Galvan. Chicago’s burgeoning DJ community appealed to him because of its diversity and quality. In his teens, while listening to Chicago radio mix shows, Will Galvan learned the history of DJing. From then on, he became obsessed with mastering the craft. After getting the opportunity to open for some of his childhood heroes and well known international talent, he decided it was time to pursue DJing and music full time.

In the last 8 years, Will Galvan has ruled Chicago nightlife. He maneuvers easily between glitzy commercial clubs and musically sophisticated parties all around the city. By immersing himself in many genres, from house to hip-hop to disco to pop, Galvan learned the true form of DJing. His impeccable ear and technical skill earn him acclaim and respect throughout Chicago. Galvan firmly believes that loving what you do is essential to longevity. Consequently, Galvan should be highlighting Chicago’s DJ scene for a long time. From this music junkie, it is clear that the best is yet to come.