The Live DJ Experience featuring Ron Carroll

Ron Carroll

Chicago Music and Swank PR have teamed up to bring The Live DJ Experience. We have selected some of today’s notable DJs from our home of Chicago. DJs that stop through our beautiful city are also featured. Tune into the Live DJ Experience every Friday at 1pm at

Ron Carroll is a man from the streets of Chicago who began a DJ career early in his childhood. He eventually decided to make touching people on a global scale his lifelong pursuit. Ron found success through his collaborations with Superfunk (“Lucky Star”), Hardsoul (“Back Together”), and Axwell & Bob Sinclair (“Wonderful World”). Carroll also achieved success with his own single, “Walking Down The Street” (Bart B More Remix). These songs gave Ron the international visibility he needed to touch the world through his amazing DJ sets and live PAs. Since then, Ron has made some amazing remixes for notable artists, including Disclosure, David Guetta, Crystal Waters, Bob Sinclair and many others.

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Carroll also does production work under the alias R.O.N.N. R.O.N.N. has teamed up with labels, such as Vamos Music, House Sessions, Jango Music, Sphera, Zulu Records and Guest House. His work with labels is re-introducing the singer in a new light as a solid well-respected producer. Currently, R.O.N.N. is working hard to keep the music flowing into the ears and heart of the world. He continues using his voice on many current and upcoming collaborations on such notable labels.