The Live DJ Experience: Gxxd Stress

Gxxd Stress
Chicago Music and Swank PR have teamed up to bring The Live DJ Experience. We have selected some of today’s notable DJ’s from our home Chicago as well as DJ’s that stop through our beautiful city. Tune into The Live DJ Experience every Friday at 1pm at


Gxxd Stress, born in Oakland but raised in St Louis, is an EDM producer and DJ who is making major moves in the music industry. Starting his music journey at the age of 13, he’s progressed from producing trap beats to explosive EDM music, with influence coming from Three6Mafia, Tiny Tim, Marshmello, Timberland, Pharrell and Earth Wind and Fire. Within 6 months of DJing, he’s progressed very quickly, with mentors such as DJ Earn Money and Zebo. Stress has DJ’d at some of Chicago’s premiere clubs like Crocodile, Primary, Evil Olive and more. “I’m Not Gxxd Stress…Gxxd Stress is a spirit animal……I Just wanna make Earth a more fun place to live.”