The Live DJ Experience: Charlie Glitch

Charlie Glitch

Chicago Music and Swank PR have teamed up to bring The Live DJ Experience. We have selected a number of today’s notable DJ’s from our home of Chicago as well as many of the DJ’s that stop through our beautiful city. The Live DJ experience will bring these DJs to you. Tune into The Live DJ Experience with Charlie Glitch Friday at 1pm here.


Born in the neighborhood of Pilsen, on the lower west side of Chicago, Carlos Rodriguez aka Charlie Glitch grew up with music in his roots. Charlie Glitch’s father was a notorious club/party DJ in the area. Inspired by his father’s vast record collection, Carlos joined him DJing at age 12. He got his start at house parties and neighborhood events. But by the time he was 17, he was already throwing some of the most raucous parties in his ‘hood. Fast forward to 2016. Today, with numerous tours around the world and tons of releases under his belt, Glitch is a well known DJ. Charlie Glitch is ready to share the new future bass anthems. With a famous Chicago sound and a versatile technique, Glitch reps the community and his own heritage properly!

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