Kris Jenner Following in Blac Chyna’s Footsteps?

Kardashian or Jenner?

It was just weeks ago that reports revealed Blac Chyna, the soon-to-be wife of Rob Kardashian, plans to fully embrace the Kardashian name and is changing her own name to Angela Kardashian. Now, it looks like she’s not the only one who wants to be a Kardashian. Recently, it has become public knowledge that Kris Jenner also wants to legally become apart of the K dynasty.

As fans of the Kardashian family know, Kris, whose maiden name is Houghton, was once a Kardashian when she was married to late Hollywood attorney Robert Kardashian. However, after their split in 1991, she ended up marrying Bruce Jenner, before his transgender transition, and took his last name.

Since then, Kris has made a name for herself as the matriarch of the famous Kardashian and Jenner families. But commanding money and influence behind the scenes doesn’t seem to be enough for her. In a newly released deleted scene from “Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” Kris explains to her daughter, Khloe Kardashian, that she wants to change her name because she enjoys the power that comes with it.

“I’m going to change my name back to Kardashian,” Kris said after explaining that she made reservations with the name Kardashian.

However, Khloe questioned why her mother would want to change her name now.

“Why? You haven’t been that in over 24 years,” Khloé said.

“I was that before you were that. I was the original Kardashian,” Kris fired back.

Khloe tried to explain to her mother that the name change seemed bizarre. Khloe even made attempts to guilt her out of it, by telling Kris that she can’t turn her back on the last name that she shares with her youngest daughters, Kylie and Kendall Jenner.

“Keep Kris Jenner,” Khloe insists. “Don’t you think that’s insulting to your two daughters?”

However, Kris came back with the rebuttal to end all rebuttals.

“If Bruce can change his name to Caitlyn, I think I’m good,” Kris said.

Well, we can’t argue with her logic on that last remark. But do you think Kris should change her name? Let us know in the comments below.

Article Originally Published by our friends at Rolling Out.