The Kills had fans obsessing at the Riviera Threatre

The Kills

If you haven’t heard of The Kills, your life is about to change. If you do know The Kills, you love them. After their Chicago show, we fell about 5000% more in love with them. Riviera Theater was obsessing over The Kills. The Kills’ fans are the most dedicated, engaged, and adoring fans out there. If you love The Kills, you love them with ever fiber of your being, and now we understand why.

They’re insane live. The best kind of insane. Front-woman, Alison Mosshart, is never not rocking out on stage. She whips her hair around and spins in circles while head banging, not to mention her voice is killer. Any member of the crowd can tell that she is doing what she loves, and each member mirrors her passion.

Saying a Kills show is energetic is a total understatement. Its impossible to translate The Kills’ energy into words, so check out our shots from the show.

The Kills have a new album, Ash & Icethat is set to be released on June 3rd. We know The Kills fans are anxiously awaiting the album, but if you haven’t heard of The Kills until now, fix that. Join the fan club and preorder Ash & Ice immediately.


  1. No Wow
  2. U R A Fever
  3. Heart is a Beating Drum
  4. Kissy Kissy
  5. Hard Habit
  6. Heart of a Dog
  7. Impossible Tracks
  8. Black Balloon
  9. Doing It To Death
  10. Baby Says
  11. Whirling Eye
  12. Siberian Nights
  13. Pots & Pans + Monkey


  1. Tape Song
  2. Bitter Fruit
  3. Fried My Little Brains
  4. Sour Cherry
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