Hyperspektiv App Interview Dean and Justin of The Glitch Mob

The app store is packed with several apps that can decorate your photos and videos with filters. Hyperspektiv app is a Phantom Force creation developed by Allan Lavell, Dean Grenier, and Justin Boreta that literally takes your snapshots into another dimension. You are able to distort, twist, and warp your photos and video in real-time. Hyperspektiv captures your video at 720p and captures your photos using front or rear camera. I recently had a chance to ask Dean Grenier and Justin Boreta of The Glitch Mob some questions about the app. I would highly recommend checking out Hyperspektiv its an easy to use and a must have it will let your imagination run wild.


Can you tell us a bit of how you got the idea and how this is different from what you’ve created in the past?

Hyperspektiv came about organically; it was the result of an exploration of art and technology, very similar to the way music does. We think of it like an album, or a film. It’s part creative expression, part tool, part platform.

When Hyperspektiv was in beta what was some of the feedback and did it make the app better?

The beta version of the app had 75 filters in it, which was obviously way too much. We took advice from what people like and trimmed it down to 25.

One thing about Hyperspektiv is that both Justin and Dean of The Glitch Mob collaborated with you. What were some of their contributions to the project?

Dean and Justin do a lot of creative work, while Allan focuses on the programming. But we all actually do everything and help each other out with all of the different tasks.

For those who aren’t familiar with glitching could explain it?

The idea of glitch art is to take computer mistakes and highlight them; to find beautiful patterns in random chaos.

What are some of the actual glitch effects going into this app?

There’s a programmer named Netgrind who made a lot of the really crazy effects. Check his gifs out, they’re insane.

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What have you found to be one of your favorite effects?

My personal favorite is Lugosi, especially with a mirror added.

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How often will the app be updated and what sort of features can we expect in the future?

We’re adding a lot of really exciting things. This was really just a first step, the opening of the door. We just added an update this week that has VJ Mode that will allow you to actually VJ a live show with it.

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