HÆLOS Hypnotizes Empty Bottle with their Euphoric Music

HAELOS visits Empty Bottle

The London based trio, HÆLOS hypnotizes Empty Bottle as they made their first visit to Chicago this week in support of their new LP, Full Circle. This debut album is making a splash and leaving fans wanting more.

haelos 762x572 HÆLOS Hypnotizes Empty Bottle with their Euphoric Music

HAELOS in front of Empty Bottle before their performance.

HÆLOS has flawlessly categorized themselves into the genre of “Dark Euphoria.” The three part harmony is haunting yet invigorating, and with the electronic backing, the band has found the perfect new sound.

The harmony rapidly progresses into incredible falsetto by front woman Lotti Benardout. The group’s vocals have helped start a revolution of electronic music. The sound of HÆLOS is soulful and seductive. Rather than erratic club music, it is sophisticated, mesmerizing, and soothing.

haelos 1 762x428 HÆLOS Hypnotizes Empty Bottle with their Euphoric Music

Lotti of HAELOS

It is impossible not to sway along with the music HÆLOS produces, and that is just what the crowd at Empty Bottle did on Thursday. They moved along with the music as it pulsated throughout the room and captivated the crowd.

Just as the band described, their music is euphoric. They have created a sound unlike anything we have seen before, and it is hypnotic.

HÆLOS is the perfect relaxation music. They’re sure to put you in a lovely trance. When you want to forget about life’s madness, turn on the album Full Circle, and fall into a daze.

Keep an eye out for HÆLOS, because we’re sure there’s more to come. They will be at Coachella this year, and will definitely be back in Chicago soon. While you’re awaiting their return make sure you get a copy of Full Circle.