The Griswolds and Magic Man: A Night of Anticipation and the 80’s

Magic man crowd

After much anticipation, The Griswolds and Magic Man finally arrived in Chicago this Saturday. Although we all waited for the sold out show to come to Metro, some waited longer than others.

Fans started lining up outside of Metro at 5:00 am the day of the show, when doors didn’t even open until 6:30 pm. Desperate to get up front, fans waited patiently for over twelve hours to see the bands. By noon, the line was forming down the block.

By the time doors opened, the fans were relieved, but still anxious. Panama Wedding played Metro first. The synth pop band played seven great songs, including a cover by The Killers. Shortly after their performance, The Griswolds took the stage.

The Australian indie rock band sang and danced around the stage. The band has an 80’s inspired feel, making it easy to dance to. The Griswolds played old fan favorites, and gave the crowd a sneak peak into their new album. Chicago became the second city in the world to hear The Griswold’s new song, “Get Into My Heart.”

Closing with a classic, upbeat song, “Heart of a Lion,” The Griswolds made an impression on Chicago. Ending with such an upbeat song made the perfect segway for Magic Man to take over the show.

Magic Man opened with a killer guitar solo leading into their hit, “Apollo.” The set was highly energetic and full of fans screaming “I love you Alex,” to frontman Alex Caplow. Magic Man also has an 80’s element to it, but has a more pop-like sound. Between this and the sound from The Griswolds, the crowd was taken back to neon leggings and scrunchies, but better!

The night was highly anticipated by many, but definitely lived up to expectations! Check out our interview with Lachlan West, drummer of The Griswolds, and look out for our upcoming interview with Magic Man this week!

Check out some shots from the show: 

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