Father John Misty Plays a Sold Out Riviera Theatre

Father John Misty @ Riviera Theatre

Last week, Riviera Theatre sold out two nights in a row. Fans gathered to hear the “Post-modern Self-reflexive Semi-Ironic Renunciation of Originality” that is Father John Misty’s music. The nights were spent singing along with FJM and feeling his all too luscious hair.

Father John Misty’s music is dedicated to breaking social constructs on all fronts, whether it be taking down the patriarchy or teaching us about how detrimental capitalism can be. With lyrics like, “Oh, they gave me a useless education and a subprime loan,” his music is comically relatable.

fjm 2 762x506 Father John Misty Plays a Sold Out Riviera Theatre

The lyrically ironic music is to be expected from a Father John Misty show, but he threw Chicago for a loop by performing his “favorite love song.” Each show he preforms a cover song for the audience and he blessed Chicago with this choice.

Rather than a Taylor Swift or Rihanna cover, FJM chose “Closer” by Nine Inch Nails. “It’s a little sappy, but I would like to play my favorite love song for you,” Father John Misty stated. He then proceeded to sing, “You let me violate you/ You let me desecrate you/ You let me penetrate you.”

A FJM show is anything but a typical concert. It is full of hair touching, irony and best of all he never disappoints. With him, you’re always in for a surprise.

If you’re in the mood to take down the patriarchy or fight corrupt capitalism, his music is perfect. Even if you’re not feeling like fighting the power, FJM music is still a good fix. Check it out and check him out next time he’s in Chicago. You don’t want to miss another chance to feel that beautiful hair.

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