Father at Bottom Lounge

Apr 10, 2016

Father comes to Bottom Lounge on April 10th with LuiDiamonds and Narf. His latest album, I’m a Piece of Shit, was released last month.

The rapper is known for being a part of Atlanta’s legendary hip-hop scene, one of many prolific artists from the scene poised to break into the mainstream. He is also the founder of Awful Records, which boasts Rich Po Slim, Ethereal, Archibald Slim, Slug Christ, GAHM, Stalin Majesty, Narf, Pyramid Quince & LuiDiamonds, Abra, Micah Freeman, Playboi Carti, and KeithCharles Spacebar as signees. Awful Records is considered an experimental faction of Atlanta hip-hop, and their unique production style has been getting a lot of buzz. They began as a rap collective, and they primarily work with in-house producers and artists. Father is involved in many aspects of the label, including designing album artwork and directing and producing short films.

Time: 6:30 pm

Tickets: Get’Em

Venue: Bottom Lounge


Check out Father’s viral hit single “Look At Wrist”:

Ajay Raghuraman

Ajay Raghuraman

Audiophile, Journalist, Music History Fanatic, and Multi-Instrumentalist. I like music that makes me sad-dance. Ask me why Wire’s Pink Flag is the greatest album of all time.

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