Pop Princess, Ellie Goulding Gives Chicago a Memorable Night At Allstate Arena

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding is sweeping the nation away with headliner spots at the biggest festivals, sold out shows at the best venues, and an arena full of Chicago music fans, adoring every lyric that left her mouth. The pop princess graced Chicago this Friday, a show the city has been buzzing about for months.

On tour in support of her album Delirium, Goulding stopped at Allstate Arena and wowed all of her adoring fans. She hopped, skipped, and jumped around the stage, almost as if she fed off the energy the crowd had given her. The night was made by Ellie, however she could not have done it alone. Goulding had help in making the night so memorable. Openers Bebe Rexha and Years & Years set the atmosphere for the night.

Bebe Rexha is climbing the music charts and doing some of the biggest collaborations. She is best known for her collaboration with G-Eazy, “Me, Myself & I.” Her performance was a treat for Chicago. Starting the show with hit “Take Me Home,” and closing with “No Broken Hearts,” all of Bebe Rexha’s set was dynamic.

Everyone in the audience was out of their seats, they grabbed hands with their friends and put them in the air. The younger fans danced around and jumped up and down like it was a school dance. The older fans let the music through their bodies and danced like they were at the club of the year. No matter if you were a parent bringing your middle schooler, one of the said middle schoolers, or a twenty-something pop lover, you were getting down to Bebe Rexha’s music.

Years & Years also assisted Bebe Rexha in pumping the crowd up for Ellie Goulding’s set. Neon lights are signature for Years & Years, and they help enhance the crazy club mood Rexha put on. The electronic pop trio that is Years & Years is another band that is just blowing up. After great sets at Coachella, denying Years & Years music is impossible. It’s also impossible not to scream the lyrics to their tracks.

Years & Years music is the type you play in the car by yourself, so you can belt out the lyrics at the top of your lungs, and no one can hear you to judge you how tone-deaf you’re singing. Everyone in the crowd took that care-free attitude and used it during the set. Each person screamed the lyrics and the 18,500 people venue echoed with the lyrics of each song. Dancing never stopped during the electronica filled set and neither did the energy. People were dripping sweat by the time Years & Years concluded the show, but in a good way. The crowd was a sea of smiles and they were ready for Ellie Goulding to keep the excitement alive.

Ellie Goulding is a name almost everyone knows. Her songs have been at the top of the charts for years, but Chicago got to know Goulding on a better level during her performance at Allstate. Goulding is a gorgeous pop princess, but her performance was endearing, fun, and energetic.

Even after two wonderful openers, the energy was high, no one had run out of stamina. Ellie’s synth pop, folktronika has a reputation for being exciting, but her show exceeded the expectations. She was an aerobic power-house, while still letting herself be free. Although she had a crew of dancers, Goulding would break away from them and do her own thing. She danced along with fans as she serenaded them with her biggest hits.

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Ellie Goulding at Allstate Arena. Photo: Jeremy Franklin

The dedication to Goulding was overwhelming. There wasn’t a member in the crowd who didn’t know every lyric to every song, even from her newest album, Delirium. Allstate Arena echoed with music and boomed with bass (or the thunder of almost twenty thousand fans jumping up and down). The night was insane, no one was disappointed, and there was not one person that left the arena that didn’t need to shower. Everyone was drenched in sweat, but it didn’t matter because it was the product of them having such a good time.

Chicago will miss Ellie Goulding, but not for too long, because she’ll be back this July for Lollapalooza. While you’re anxiously awaiting July 28-31, or frantically trying to score a ticket to go see the major festival, listen to Deliriumand imagine the bliss you’ll feel once you’re at Lolla. We love you Ellie!