EDM Takes Chicago: Spybar, The Mid, Double Door and East Room

Bassnectar Crowd NCMF

We’ve previously lined up several concerts in Chicago this month which cover a wide range of genres and artists. This time, however, we’ll be featuring some notable EDM concerts coming up in the city this month.

EDM has been gaining popularity over the past few years. A slew of high profile EDM DJs and artists now earn colossal sums of money each year, sometimes in the nine figures such as Calvin Harris.

Interestingly, the genre has been around for decades. Music Business Journal from Berklee pointed out that it goes back to at least the 1980s, which predates mainstream hip hop. Since then, it’s been used in numerous applications, from movie soundtracks to BGM for games. An infographic about music and gaming from Pocketfruity also explained that different methods have been used to produce electronic music such as through digital instruments and sound effects of real objects like slot machines.

Of course, EDM is foremost about spreading music and to get parties started. With curiosities fulfilled, let’s proceed to the upcoming EDM events in November where you can satisfy your urge to dance and have a good time. Grab tickets early so you won’t miss out!

November 4, Dusky and Klingande take to the stage in separate concerts to be held at Spybar and The Mid, respectively. MixMag praised the former for his ferocity to capture the listeners attention. The next day on November 5, make your way back to The Mid to jive to the music of Mija and Lunice along with other acts, or you can go to Concord Music Hall to hear the mixes of The Magician live.

November 10, catch Lemaire at Double Door or Billy Kenny at East Room. November 11 & 12 are days where you should head down to Spybar and Concord Music Hall once again, as they host Mind Against and Rufus du Sol, respectively on the former date; and Darin Epsilon and Snakehips on the latter. Finally, Matt Boy White will be manning the turntables at Studio Paris on November 16. Stay tuned for more regarding the second half of the month!

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