DUBS Acoustic Filters

As you may have read on our DUBS Acoustic Filters contest post, we were sent a couple of pairs to use and review during SXSW. Considering just how large the music festival is, it was only fitting to test out the latest in sound protection gear. Kevin and I both used the DUBS Acoustic Filters extensively during our time in Austin, TX, and wanted to share our reviews/testimonials of our time with them. Don’t forget to enter our contest so that you, too, can experience some of the best sound protection gear ready to hit the market this summer.

My experience wearing DUBS Acoustic Filters were nothing short of phenomenal. I have listened to over 50 hours’ worth of music at live concerts since I’ve received my Dubs recently. As a musician and a constant concert goer, my DUBS kept my ears protected. One thing I was worried about was whether or not I would lose clarity and quality of sound like most earplugs. Most of the time, I stand directly in front of loud speakers for crowds of 200 – 10,000. The technology in DUBS dropped loud frequencies to an enjoyable volume while still keeping the integrity of music. – Kevin Baker

dubs virgilsolis 2 762x508 DUBS Acoustic Filters

As somebody who’s gone to hundreds of concerts over the past 12 years, I was never one to wear any type of earplugs despite my tendency to stand at the front of the stage next to a large speaker or monitor. I admit, the toll of loud music feeding directly into my ears has caused me to temporarily lose hearing from time to time along with an annoying buzz that isn’t quite normal.

During the Chicago Made showcase at this year’s SXSW, I decided to pop my pair of DUBS Acoustic Filters in to see if the hype behind them was real. Sure enough, the moment the Acoustic Filters were placed properly into my ears (the design was admittedly off-putting at first), I could tell a huge difference from my typically nonchalant listening experience. As the name suggests, the audio coming through the ears is filtered, creating a sound that is clear, albeit a bit “blanketed.” I was able to actually listen to the artists on stage with a lot of the white noise/fuzz from the monitors and mics cancelled out. If you’re an avid concert-goer, a pair of DUBS Acoustic Filters will go a long way for you. – Geoff Henao