Dru Hill Concert Tickets at House of Blues


Sisqo’s back! You can catch him and Dru Hill when they play Chicago’s House of Blues on December 18. Tickets on sale now.

Who else remembers the smooth stylings of Dru Hill? Dru Hill may always be known for giving us Sisqo, who then gave us the wonder that is “Thong Song,” but they also gave us endless hits during the 90s. Songs like “Tell Me,” “In My Bed,” and “Never Make a Promise” are among some of their biggest hits. The band also have several multiplatinum albums to their name, including Enter the Dru and their 1996 self-titled LP. Sadly, their last album, InDRUPendence, dropped in 2010 and we haven’t heard much from them since. With this new tour underway, we can only hope the guys will get back to the studio and make some new music real soon.

Time: 6:30PM

Tickets: Here

Venue: House of Blues



Ashley Perez

Ashley Perez

Ashley Perez is a freelance music journalist based in Chicago. Her work has appeared on Examiner, The Crypt 1331, Chicago Innerview, Kitty Whipp, and Reality-Comics. She also runs her own music blog at Radio Not Found. Some of her favorite bands include Nirvana, The Cure, Muse, Marilyn Manson, and Green Day.