At The Drive In slay the crowd at the Riviera


If you were fortunate enough to see one of the 2 sold out shows over the weekend, you were treated to 2 insane nights of glorious post hardcore.  Now I know that this tour has been mired with controversy right before it began due to the fact that At The Drive In announced that founding member, Jim Ward, would not be accompanying them on the tour.  Some may have felt slighted feeling that these shows were just The Mars Volta performing At The Drive In songs.  I assure you that this was not the case. Even with Jim Ward not present, you felt that this was truly an At The Drive In show as soon as they finished playing “Arcarsenal” during the first of 2 nights of sold out shows. The crowd chanted in unison, belting out lyrics with Cerdid Bixler and the rest of the band throughout the show.  This was one of the more exhilarating shows to photograph with how rowdy the crowd was.  It was truly a love for a band that many have not seen in years. The set flowed through the evening with so many beloved songs.  The tracks that truly got the crowd going during their set included, “Enfilade”, “Cosmonaut”, “Lopsided”, “Quarantined”, and of course the encore “One Armed Scissor.” They were actually slated to play 2 more songs during the encore, “Shaking Hand Decision” and a cover of “Cities in Dust” by Siouxsie and the Banshees, but may have cut the set short not aware of the noise curfew for Chicago.   Even with Jim not being apart of the current Drive In, fans left with the feeling that At The Drive In will still be around for a while.

Le Butcherettes began the night with their south of the border influenced garage punk.  The band is helmed by Teri Gender Bender and is rounded out with Chris Common on drums and Riko Rodríguez-López on bass.  I have to say I was looking forward to catch them live.  Teri’s onstage persona has always been wild and erratic while playing lead guitar and keyboard.  She beat her chest and danced wildly throughout the set, which made for a captivating set.  Fans were treated to songs like “Burn The Scab”, “They Fuck You Over”, “The Witchless C Spot”, and “Henry Don’t Got Love.” If you have not seen them play before, I urge you to check them out when they come to town. Fortunately, they will be back in July for Ruido Fest held in Addams/Medill Park. Don’t miss it!



Brett Bergen

Brett Bergen

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