Don Dalé drops song ft. Omo Yeye and Asta Chicago

Don Dale

Chicago’s vast world hip-hop has undoubtedly been on the rise in recent years. Fortunately for us, it continues to grow with new, adventurous artists. Elite Society’s Don Dalé recently released a track featuring Fuji artist Omo Yeye and Asta Chicago. “African Akata Motivation” chronicles Dalé’s struggles of being a Nigerian growing up within the United States.

With akata meaning “African American” and the track’s stellar African-tinged artwork, it is no surprise that the song features a strong African vibe. Throughout the track, there is a mixture of the Nigerian Yoruba language and English that makes for a head-turning listen. On top of that, the beat is sure to make any listener’s head nod in unison.

Above all, this track boasts a positive message that anyone can relate to. Don’t listen to the haters. Be yourself and embrace who you are. Take a listen below.

Scott Hartge

Scott Hartge

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