DMA’s Light Up Schubas With The Giving Moon

You may have already heard of DMA’s, because they are midst rocking the festival circuit, but last night DMA’S made sure Chi-town knew their name as they blew away Schubas with the help of a local Chicago band The Giving Moon

image3 762x1002 DMAs Light Up Schubas With The Giving Moon

The Giving Moon is a “three-piece original alternative rock band” of extremely young but extremely talented artists, and they kicked off the night beautifully. The energy given off during the show was intoxicating, TGM fans jammed out with the young artists throughout the whole set. After the final song, the crowd begged for more, chanting for an encore. To ease the crowd’s eager desire for more TGM music, the band let us in on a little secret. The Giving Moon will soon release their second EP, which fans will be waiting on the edge of their seats for. In the meantime, we suggest playing The Wild– EP on a constant loop and that you keep an eye out for any shows The Giving Moon has coming up. TGM is a local Chicago band, and you’ll be able to find them lighting up different venues all over the city.

image2 762x508 DMAs Light Up Schubas With The Giving Moon

As soon as DMA’s took the stage, the atmosphere was electric. They opened the set with the song “Timeless” off their new LP Hills End. Suddenly, the room became a dance party. Those who had once lined the walls joined the rest of the crowd and let the music guide them. From “Timeless,” to the fan favorite “Delete,” to the closing song “Play it out,” the fans never missed a beat. They danced freely and sang the lyrics of every song along with front man, Tommy O’Dell. The set was a blissful hour of amazing dance and song.

The bands gave the crowd an unforgettable night. Don’t worry if you weren’t able to be there, DMA’s are blowing up and we know they’ll be back. You can see them next time they stop in Chicago or this year at Coachella. Either way, keep your eye out for DMA’s, they’re an act you can’t miss. Be on the lookout for more coverage with DMA’S from us, including an interview with the Australian talents themselves.