The DJ Live Experience: DJ Mike Caliber

DJ Mike Caliber

Chicago Music and Swank PR have teamed up to create The Live DJ Experience. Together, we have selected some of today’s most notable DJ’s from our hometown of Chicago as well as a number of DJ’s that stop through our beautiful city. Tune into The Live DJ Experience to hear DJ Mike Caliber. He’ll be with us here on Friday, 9/23!

Chicago Music Swank Public Relations [Swank PR] presents The Live DJ Experience featuring Mike Caliberz

Posted by Kevin Baker on Friday, September 23, 2016

When you talk about a city filled with all types of culture and influence, Chicago is a melting pot know in the nation as the epitome of such. A young Dj Mike caliber formerly known as Dj M80 started his knowledge of music early in a record collection owned by his parents that contained everything from soul, jazz and blues. A product of a family filled with Dj’s Mike began practicing at the age of 13 when he bought his first pair of turntables. His daily routine consisted of wake up, practice, school and practice. After playing his first gig he decided this is what he truly wanted to do. DJ Mike Caliber gained residency throughout Chicago. Today Dj Mike has produced music for E! Entertainment Television and Big 10 Network.

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