The Note: Disco Demolition a tribute to Chicago’s Music Scene

Disco Demolition

Red Bull and the Red Bull Music Academy are sponsors of a new documentary series, The Note. It covers disco as well as the broader societal movement it entails. Disco Demolition, one of the most influential events in pop culture history was staged at the height of the movement against disco. Spurred on by Chicago radio host Steve Dahl, it is also the inspiration for the latest installment of The Note.

Rewind to the 1970s in Chicago and disco was a very trendy subject. Although embraced by many as a new exciting form of entertainment, it did not garner love from everybody. It received a good deal of backlash from the more conservative minded folks.

The trailer, viewable above provides a taste of the social climate in the late 1970s and just how polarized it was on disco. Check it out, and you can peep the full episode here!

Kevin Baker

Kevin Baker


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