Dawes at The Vic: A Night of Passion


Dawes, your favorite folk-rock band, sold out The Vic this week. The band played an incredible set filled with passion and songs from their latest album, All Your Favorite Bands. Despite their album title, Dawes proved that they are the one band we need. They are our only favorite band.

The night was brought to a start with a great set from Hiss Golden Messenger. Frontman, MC Taylor’s voice is a classic folk sound, and it sent relaxing vibes through the crowd. It was impossible not to sway back and forth with the beat.

The mood was set perfectly for Dawes to take the stage, and when they did, the crowd went insane. Dawes opened up with the song Things Happen,” a totally relatable heartbreak anthem. As Taylor Goldsmith sang, it was obvious that the lyrics hit home with him. He sings each of his songs as if he’s being inspired by them for the first time. Every song is passionate and almost sappy.

The entire night was emotion filled. The crowd cried with Goldsmith while still enjoying every second of the show. The emotions just enhanced the crowd’s experience. As the night passed, the mood lightened. The show concluded with the song, All Your Favorite Bands.”

The night was an absolute success and Dawes puts on an amazing show. Dawes is the perfect post-breakup music. It is perfect to cry to, but in the end will always make you smile. Listen to the album All Your Favorite Bands here, and check out our shots from the show.



  1. Things Happen
  2. I Can’t Think About It Now
  3. If I Wanted Someone
  4. Someone Will
  5. That Western Skyline
  6. Somewhere Along the Way
  7. From a Window Seat
  8. Now That It’s Too Late, Maria
  9. How Far We’ve Come
  10. Take Me Out of the City
  11. Time Spent in Los Angeles
  12. From the Right Angle
  13. A Little Bit of Everything
  14. When My Time Comes
  15. Most People
  16. All Your Favorite Bands