Dave Matthews Band Midweek at iWireless Center

Dave Matthews Band

This is part two of my five part series covering the Dave Matthews Band’s 25th anniversary tour. Part one is here. This time, the band played in a city to which I had never been before. Dave Matthews and company performed at the Moline, Illinois iWireless Center. While most successful stops have been multi-night weekend stays, this midweek small city show was near-capacity. That’s a victory for Dave Matthews.

The band went on around 8pm to a deafening roar, jumping right into “When The World Ends.” They then played “Belly Belly Nice” from Away From The World. This upbeat song primed the crowd for both the fan favorite “Minarets” and the new jam “Bismark.”

From there, the Dave Matthews Band played the usuals, although they also featured the rare gems “Out of My Hands” and “Say Goodbye.”

The show was going solidly and the fans were having a great time. Jeff Coffin (Sax) and Rashawn Ross (Trumpet) carried most songs.

“Warehouse” was next, to the crowd’s elation. When the less than popular “Crash Into Me” began, many people went out to grab beers. But the groovy jam “Jimi Thing” brought everybody back. Next came the all-too-familiar segue into the Prince tribute “Sexy Mother Fucker.” The final new song of the night was “Bob Law,” or, as Dave refers to it, “Bob Law blah blah blah,” for all of you Arrested Development fans out there. The band then finished up the main set with “You & Me” and the heavy hitting “You Might Die Trying.”

After returning with the beautiful, upbeat “The Best of What’s Around,” they ended the night with “Ants Marching.” It brought the night together, making a great closing number.

While the tour has been great so far, the band’s increasing reservation irks me. Also, the variety from show to show is definitely lacking in this current tour. 80% of the Moline set’s songs also showed up at the past two shows. But I believe the band is saving some treats for their two-night return run in Alpine Valley.

Brett Bergen

Brett Bergen

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