Dave Matthews Band’s Alpine Valley run wows crowd

Dave Matthews

The Dave Matthews Band returned to Alpine Valley, one of their favorite tour stops. Halfway through the band’s 25th anniversary tour, this two nighter was much anticipated by fans. This is part three of my five-part series.

DMB has a great history at Alpine. Some of their many great Alpine shows have even been turned into live albums. Alpine is also my home venue, so I was looking forward to a fun weekend.

Alpine Night 1

The band took the stage just before 8:30 with a quick tease of the song “Dodo.” So quick, in fact, that people are still discussing whether or not it actually happened.

Many of the fans were eager to hear “Sugar Will,” which DMB brought out in the second half. The band finally started playing this song live again last fall.

The encore gave fans the tour debut of “Sister.” The band then closed with “Tripping Billies.” Not too unique in song choices, but still a great night.

Alpine Night 2

Dave and company arrived on stage a bit before 8:30pm and kicked off the night with “So Right.” Right off the bat, I could tell that we were in for a wild, fun night.

The band played their first tour debut of the weekend with “Grace Is Gone,”a beautiful song about coping with love lost.

They also brought out “Bartender”, one of my personal favorites. The song has some deep and spiritual tones to it. Additionally, the band brought out their most popular and beloved songs. DMB performed “One Sweet World,” “You and Me,” and “#41.” They also played “The Idea of You” for the second time this tour. That song hit hard. Hearing a capacity crowd sing the chorus at the top of their lungs gave me chills.

For the encore, the band brought out two more tour debuts. We were first graced with the pretty and chill “Oh.” This threw everyone off before the biggest song of the weekend. There is no better venue to bring back “Two Step,” a staple of the live DMB experience that had been missing from the tour so far. This scarce treat also made a great closer.

The pit became a sea of bouncing fans. People shouted speculations about an encore. While there wasn’t one, the night still rocked. It showed fans that this band still loves what they do even after 25 years.

Don’t miss out on the DMB; after this tour, they’ll be going on extended hiatus. They have a two night run in Indianapolis, at Klipsch Music Center, July 22nd and 23rd. They’ll also be at Washington State’s Gorge Amphitheater (a.k.a. Heaven’s Amphitheater) for their final stop. This closer will be a three night run over Labor Day Weekend.

Brett Bergen

Brett Bergen

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