Compadres: star Joey Morgan speaks on working on film


In Compadres we follow Omar Chaparro (Garza) as a no nonsense crime seeker police officer in Mexico. On what’s meant to be his biggest bust Chaparro and his long time partner head into a storm of uncertain demise.

With the death of his long time partner, Chapparro leaves the force for a chance at a better life when he meets the lovely Aislinn Derbez (Maria) which gives him a new lease on life.

Chapparro soon realizes Derbez has been kidnapped by the man responsible for his partner’s death, Erick Elias (Santos). Hell bent on redeeming the death of his partner and recusing his one true love Chapparro is on a mission to rescue his one true love. Following the money in his operation he finds the young American hacker known as “the accountant,” Joey Morgan (Vic).

compadres Vic rgb 1230x528 Compadres: star Joey Morgan speaks on working on film

Joey Morgan as Vic in Compadres.

Together Chapparro and Morgan team up in finding Elias for justice and a huge payoff for Morgan.

The Mexican style of filmmaking differs from its American Western counterparts as it’s explicit script delivers well deserved laughs and satisfying story telling.

Director: Enrique Begne
Rating: R
Release Date: April 22, 2016

Compadres turns the played out cop buddy comedy on its head with its unique Hispanic spin. A large gamble that pays off as this laugh out loud comedy is the perfect new age buddying comedy.

The chemistry between the two buddying duel grows to a believable standard, something that was risky to pull off considering the language and cultural barrier.

compadres Erick Elias y Omar Chaparro Santos y Garza 1230x692 Compadres: star Joey Morgan speaks on working on film

Chapparro is Mexico’s latest star to jump from the south of the border to Hollywood’s limelight. Director Enrique Begne’s previous film Busco Novio Parar Mi Mujer centering on a Mexican cast drew huge numbers bringing the growing Latino audience to the theater.

Cop buddy comedies play to stereotypes with a usual male lead officer with a minority “partner” who merely is the sidekick. Exceptions to this are fantastic story driven comedies that stand the test of time like Lethal Weapon and Rush Hour. Compadres flips this on its head and successfully throws expected laughs.

We were able to sit down with Compadres star Joey Morgan before the release of the film. Check out our interview below!

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