City and Colour tour blows away the crowd at the Metro Chicago

City and Colour

Photos by: Brett Bergen

Hurray For The Riff Raff opened up the night.  When they arrived on stage, the venue was pretty full.  The eager fans that were in attendance soaked up every note and lyric Riff Raff put forth.  I honestly wasn’t sure what to expect since I was unfamiliar of the group, but I was thoroughly impressed by the talent this band brings to the stage.  Hailing from New Orleans, you were transported down south by their folk stylings. Alynda Lee Segarra helms this group and took us on a journey through mostly tracks from their newest album, “Small Town Heroes.”  The highlights of the evening from their set included “I Know It’s Wrong”, “Lake of Fire”, and “Body Electric.”  As the set came to the close, the excitement of the crowd was steadily building.

City and Colour arrived to the stage without delay and blew away the crowd.  Opening up with “Woman” I was taken to a feeling of when I first heard Pink Floyd and had chills flow through my entire body.  Dallas Green has a voice that will keep you completely focused the entire show.  The rest of his touring group did not disappoint either. On bass you have Jack Lawrence from The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather, on drums is Doug MacGregor from Constantines, on pedal steel, organ, & piano is Matthew Kelly, and on guitar is Dante Schwebel.  The biggest highlights of the night were “If I Should Go Before You”, “Sleeping Sickness”, “Save Your Scissors”, and “The Girl.”  I have to say that City and Colour is a show worth seeing.  If you were originally a fan of Alexisonfire or not, Dallas knows how to cater to the fans.  Even when someone yelled out “Let me sing with you!”, he paused for a second and replied, “But you are singing with me. You all are singing with me.”  And one more thing, if you have a significant other and want to bring he/she to a show, City and Colour is a great choice.  From what I witnessed by the end of the night, the crowd was very intimate throughout.

Brett Bergen

Brett Bergen

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