Chicago Music & Ruby Hornet: Artists feature and a chance to record at Pressure Point Studio

Chicago Music and Ruby Hornet ReverbNation Artist Feature

Chicago Music and Ruby Hornet are looking to select 10 ReverbNation artists to showcase in front of local labels and A&R representatives. All selected artists will receive a photoshoot and feature on both Chicago Music and Ruby Hornet. One (1) artist will also be given the chance to record a 1 or 2 song demo at Pressure Point Studios in downtown Chicago.

You already have a ReverbNation account? Great, you’re halfway there. Just visit our page on ReverbNation (a convenient link has been placed at the bottom of this post) and submit your profile to us for review. Chicago Music is an equal opportunity promoter. We do not discriminate genre. In fact, we welcome diversity with open arms.

Let’s say you don’t already have a ReverbNation account. Get one! The ability to submit your work to Chicago Music isn’t the only perk. ReverbNation is a great place for artists to build fan bases and community among other musicians.

Artist Submissions Here