A Behind the Scenes Look at Midwest Ska Fest 2015

Video by J. Frank

Ska’s been a large part of my life on and off for the better part of 13 years now. Through it all, I’ve seen not only the Chicago ska scene, but ska as a whole change from this juggernaut of fun that all of my friends couldn’t get enough of to seeing the list of new ska bands dwindle. It’s because of the fading state of the local ska scene that Midwest Ska Fest was formed – to recapture the magic that enthralled my friends and I a decade ago.

Together with Jump Up! Records’ Chuck Wren and the Midwest Ska Fest organizers, Chicago Music has produced a special mini-documentary about ska in Chicago, the current landscape of the community, and what Midwest Ska Fest is doing to cultivate a positive and fun Chicago ska scene.

Midwest Ska Fest 2015 is proudly sponsored by Chicago Music, Ruby Hornet, Revolution Brewing, Dark Matter Coffee, Jump Up! Records, Dr. GraphX, Ska Brewing, and Riot Fest. Be sure to make it out to Midwest Ska Fest 2015 at the Double Door on August 8th for an amazing day of ska! All attendees of Midwest Ska Fest will be given raffle tickets to win a ton of giveaways from our sponsors, including swag from Revolution Brewing and a pair of 3-day passes to Riot Fest!

We’ll see you in the skank pit!

 A Behind the Scenes Look at Midwest Ska Fest 2015

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